Rechargable stick cleaners



Easy to use

Freedom with cordless use

Without being limited by an electrical cord,
Colombina Cordless Plus becomes even more agile.

It cleans everywhere effortlessly

It reaches every space and corner of the house, even the hardest to reach, with minimal effort because it is extremely light.



Only 2.5 hours for a full recharge

The super fast recharging technology allows you
to recharge the vacuum in record time.

Always ready

The practical docking station allows you to store
the vacuum cleaner and recharge it at the same time so that it’s always ready to be used.



No one is more powerful than us

Today Colombina Cordless Plus 32V is the cordless electrical
vacuum cleaner that guarantees top performance in its category

Long lasting performances

Colombina Cordless Plus is equipped with the latest generation lithium batteries, ensuring constant performance and 50’ long autonomy.



Easy to clean

It works without a dust bag; you can
empty the canister with just one movement.

Maximum hygiene

The new helical filter doubles the filtering surface
to keep even the smallest particles inside.




Excellent on any surface: the new motorized brush delivers up to 70% more effective cleaning action compared to previous models.

Animal care

Our new motorized brush makes Colombina Plus 12 times more efficient in vacuuming cotton fibres and animal hair *

Maximum hygiene

The bottom of the brush is designed to optimize performance and collect every kind of dirt, from fine dust to breadcrumbs.

* in comparison with the time required by the European regulation IEC60312